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Cooks Maritime Craftsmen - Vincent Cook, Boat Builder/Shipwright

"I have for many years been restoring/rescuing old yachts, the higher percentage of these have been fibreglass. The traditional way to restore the old gel coat was to give it a cut with an abrasive paste and then apply a conventional 'wax on - wax off' product, it looked OK for a short while but soon the gloss and protective layer was gone.

As with any new product I was sceptical, but once we had applied it to our International Dragon we were convinced that it could do exactly as it claims on the bottle. Within 6 months we no longer had any conventional wax on the shelf or even offered it as a service. We even lost a number of re-spray jobs due to the gloss that could be achieved with Poliglow. Yachts and boats have always been my life and it gives me great pleasure to restore a yacht to such a condition within most owners budget requirements.

I have also used Poliglow over 2 pack paints with equal effect, indeed I
have found it to be an aid with the blending in of repairs. So I have been using poliglow to great affect these last four years and am now glad to be able to be able to make it available in the U.K."