How To Use Our Kit

The Most Important Step

Do not use rubbing or polishing compound(s) to clean the boat. Poli Prep is a concentrate cleaner (wear rubber gloves). Do not use full strength. Dilute three parts water to one part Poli Prep. Wet surface with water.

Apply Poli Prep with trigger sprayer and scrub vigorously. Oxidation and stains must be removed (Poli Glow will seal in any stains on the surface, i.e. shiny rust stains) All colours have to be uniform with no light variations. Coloured areas sometimes get a sunburned film or bleached layer over them. This needs to be removed.

The surface does not need to be shiny for the application of Poli Glow, just clean and uniform in colour. Let dry for one hour before applying Poli Glow.


Minimum of five coats. Each coat will dry in approximately one minute. There are two applicators, a small one for hard to reach areas and a large applicator. The large applicator can be fastened to any threaded pole for easy application

Do not treat Poli Glow like a wax. Apply Poli Glow, instead like a paint or varnish. It should be applied to the surface gently. Do not push down on applicator, this may cause foam or bubbles which may dry rough. Do not stop applicator, instead pull away from surface gradually. If drips occur, remove them with applicator before they dry. Avoid windy conditions.

Now it is time to apply Poli Glow. This is the easy part. Apply Poli Glow to the applicator and allow a minute to soak into applicator. Pick a small 2' x 2' flat surface to see what Poli Glow will do. Working in small sections (3-4 foot), lightly wipe Poli Glow onto the surface in thin, even, overlapping strokes. Make sure application is dry, approximately one minute at 55° - 95° F, before applying the next coat. If you go over Poli Glow before it is dry you will get brush marks. Apply a minimum of five coats. The first two or three coats may appear dull or streaky due to penetration into the fibreglass. Poli Glow may be applied in direct sunlight except with dark colours. When overlapping you may see areas that are shinier. They will disappear in 24-48 hours. Avoid contact with rain for several hours. If water spots occur they will disappear after a few hours in the sunlight.


Poli Glow is a unique product. It will not wash off or be affected by soap and water. A mild boat soap will keep your boat shiny and clean. To maintain a shine for more than twelve months, reapply one or two coats at the beginning and end of each season or every 4 to 6 months.

To reapply, clean boat with soap and water and apply Poli Glow. If stains are left on the surface and penetrate Poli Glow, use T.L.Sea to remove stains. Then reapply Poli Glow. If scratches or wear spots occur, they can be touched up by applying a few coats of Poli Glow.

Maintenance is easy, as dirt and grime will not adhere to Poli Glow finish. Avoid contact with ammonia based products, de greasers, teak or hull cleaners and abrasive cleaners.