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A Reprint from BOATING:
Hull of a Glow

If your boat's hull looks dingier than a high-school locker, liven it up with a coat of Poli Glow. I used this polyurethane-based fibreglass polish on my old 1968 cruiser, and while it didn't bring the finish back to showroom quality, I could once again see my reflection in the hull. I've tried a number of waxes and polishes on the hull and Poli Glow did in two hours what the rest couldn't do at all.

Unlike petroleum-based products, Poli Glow doesn't have an oil base that can harden, yellow and flake off. Instead, its water-based blend of polymers form a sealer that infiltrates the fibreglass and cures to a hard finish that soap and water won't rinse off.

Your hull has to be squeaky clean and dry, plus you must remove all oxidation and old wax before this liquid polish can work its magic. Poli Glow comes with an applicator and is available in 16- and 32-oz. bottles. The 32 oz. size was just enough for my 32-footer.

-S. Reininger