Independent Review

Andrew Fanner, a Poliglow customer, wrote “Poliglow has stood up to the frequent locking and fender impacts that are inevitable in boating on the Thames throughout the season and has kept the waterline clean, or easily cleaned, even after the usual build up of debris passing by in autumn and winter. It is far less work than the traditional cut back and polish and on a dry day a 27' boat can be cleaned, Poli Prepped and Poliglow applied in one long day or two fairly lazy ones which minimises time on the slipway. It is very easy to apply as a DIYer and needs no specialist equipment beyond a willingness to do a bit of boat cleaning.

Captain Haddock (A.K.A. Andy) on a popular boating website forum stated the following after having used Poliglow …

“ Remember when I said I'd give Poliglow a whirl? Well here are the results.

My Gelcoat was going a bit dull and there was some chalkiness, there was no way I was going to polish the hull or use any abrasive cleaners.

I knew the best option is a re-spray however, I can't afford the 3 grand required so I thought I'd give Poliglow a try as this is supposed to offer a UV barrier and a nice shine.

I ordered the kit and something called TL Sea, this was recommended as I had a serious amount of grime build up that no amount of scrubbing would help with.

The instructions warn to get the hull clean as when Poliglow goes on whatever is under there stays there!

I applied the TL Sea and Absolute looked very clean and I was impressed with this! I then set about applying the coats (4 in all) this was a very time consuming job and took around an hour per coat (Absolute is tad below 29ft).

Absolute is a 1985 Gib'Sea and after the work she looked as good as new. The chalkiness has vanished from the areas I applied Poliglow.

I was well impressed with the results though the pictures don't really do her justice. I'm now going to see how the shine lasts through the season so I'll report back at lift out.

BTW Absolute is a 1985 Gib'Sea and after the work she's looking like new IMO .”

Before Poliglow

After Poliglow

AND AFTER A Couple of Seasons … Andy says

“I used Poliglow and it did the business, no more chalkiness.

I thought it may only last the summer. [But there’s] still no chalk on the boat even after winter.

I'm going to put another couple of coats on before the summer and off I go again.

And Weaverfish (a.k.a. Euan) said , also on popular boating website forum when talking about polishing …

“I [first] did the [traditional] cut back and polish and was amazed by the results, but a year later the gel was badly stained and had lost its gloss again.
In February I scrubbed with T.L.Sea and "Poliglowed" it. Much easier, the hull came up a treat and is still looking good.”

and also … You may be surprised by Poliglow.... does not take much effort at all... not sure what the cleaner is made of T.L.Sea but that worked a treat and applying the Poliglow is really easy.

The guy who sells it is very helpful too and will chat away and explain the best way to get good results.

And another customer wrote:

Poliglow.... it’s the only stuff I’ve ever found that actually works....”

and Andrew Fanner wrote “And another vote for Poliglow, which copes pretty well with the muck transferred to the hull by muddy banks, lock side slime and other nasties not wanted on voyage.”